Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3.0.1 Broke My iPhone

Well I updated the firmware on my iPhone to 3.0.1 this morning. And much to my dismay, none of the downloaded apps work any more. All the built in applications works just fine. However, when you launch any 3rd party application it crashes. Basically, no 3rd party applications launch any more.

First I Googled the problem and found this discussion on the Apple support forums. So I have tried:
  • Authorize and deauthorize the computer
  • Delete and reinstall an application
  • Reset the iPhone
  • Delete all the applications on the iPhone
  • Delete an app from iPhone and iTunes. Then download the application again and reinstall.
None of this seemed to work so I called the AT&T support number and got iPhone support. The nice support person suggested the deleting all the applications and reinstalling them option. If that doesn't work, restore the iPhone from scratch.

I am trying the install from scratch option at the moment. Tried the delete all the applications from the phone option and that didn't work. I will keep you updated on my progress finding a fix.

It is pretty ironic that after I start a web log devoted to iPhone apps, my iPhone can no longer run any apps. lol.

Update: Apple Support found a solution for me.

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